Increase autonomy, reduce care!

A large percentage of the elderly have trouble getting in and out of their beds. The number increases with age up to a staggering 60% with persons of 80 years and older. CareBed helps people with problems to transfer from a bed to a walking aid and back by means of creating the world’s first full vertical transfer sleep-to-stand electric bed.

At CareBed we believe in increasing patient autonomy and well-being. Having the ability to determine yourself when you get in and out of bed -without the need for a specialized caregiver to assist you- creates more positive health outcomes at a reduced care cost.

An additional feature of our bed is that it folds away in a closet, therefore, creating a more pleasant atmosphere in the patient’s environment focusing more on normal domestic circumstances and more healthy sleep patterns.
Our sleep-to-stand bed leads to better health outcomes increases the quality of life and reduces care costs
Patients will feel increased well-being from being more autonomous and avoiding more cumbersome devices like a patient lifting hoist. Healthcare workers will have a more ergonomically safe and less timely method of patient transfer. Caregiving institutions will enjoy the benefit of cost reduction since the solution will be faster than a conventional hoist and does not require the assistance of a registered nurse.

The solution is aimed at care homes but is evenly useful for recovery patients in hospitals or people that prefer to receive home care.
The CareBed solution increases patient autonomy in transfers
Currently, there is no sleep-to-stand bed on the market that actually allows patients to get up without exerting a strong muscle effort. Since the CareBed solution actually puts the patient in a straight-up position with the center of gravity aligned in the vertical plane this is a patent-protected innovative technological concept without any competition.

CareBed Prototype Demonstration