Our sleep-to-stand bed leads to better health outcomes increases the quality of life and reduces care costs

We do this by means of creating a whole new bed concept. Moving on vertical gliders the CareBed is fully adjustable to any height and vertical or horizontal position enabling patients to use the bed as a chair, get in and out of bed without the aid of specialized caregivers and fold the bed away completely to create a normal living atmosphere.


  • Helps the patient to get out of bed autonomously by moving in the vertical plane
  • Is patient friendly and quick compared to hoists
  • Has optional storage of patient data (such as weight, sleep patterns, and movements)
  • Provides new options for the design of care rooms and de-medicalizes the patients living space as the bed can be folded away
  • Floats and can be adjusted to any desired height for caregiver-patient tasks (e.g. washing)
  • Reduces physical exertion on caregivers
  • Reduces need of caregiver support thus reducing care cost